John K draw with my colors work

Hi Everybody!... well i write this post in english (my fuckin' bad english), 'cause i put some color in one sketch from John K stuff... and i post in his blog telling him about this work, you know the color work... ok... so.. i hope you like it and if you can say something about this one, please comment, so, see ya on the next post... and stay there in the bus stop with that worm O.O

jajaja sorry, but i seen a little worm in my right side over the floor in the bus stop, hahahaha, so funny, maybe i'll illustrate that.. see ya...

oh i forgot tell about the coming soon new version of my site :D... hold on for it...

Omar Enrique "El Buda" Romero Aréchiga
Illustrator & Graphic Designer
044 811 153 79 57


velvet said...

budda agresor en el msn :O
buddaaaaaaaa hay que cotorrear

Makaila said...

Keep up the good work.