paint in proccess

hell-o pee-pool... what's up my dears visitors, well, this is the beginning to a new paint, i'll be paint this with some acrilyc, a brilliant acrillyc, and some markers, the support is over some like a wood, but compressed, and i hope finished around this day, to post it in my next POST! hahahaha... okok..

see ya, and keep drawing and sketching, is the best way to go to HELL! jjjajaja...

i want a insane person like me in my life... with ambition and aspiration to be someone else in this world, i want a nice girl with "exploding" mind and moments, someone who want to be diferent and good person, pacient, conscious and full of love, obviously to ME. jaajajajaajajj...

ok, be creative and make cool stuff to the future!!!!

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