Sketches & Bocetos (hahaha is the f*ck*n' same)

What's UP???? (my dick) jajajajajajaa.... ok sorry... there's some NEW sketches... hahahaa!... one of them (109) was in the BOURING MSN WINDOW OF A LITTLE PERSON!!!,, hahaha i'm joking, i love her, and she know it... SO!... that one was between the conversation, and the other ones was in the "Tierra Libre" coffee place (i don´t know if they have a website or something like that, but exist, is real... hahahaha), and i love that place too...

And well, i hope you enjoy this "bocetos", and feel you free to vote, if you want it, for the one you want to "red bubble" t shirt and art... anyway i'll be upload someones... obviusly in vector or maybe just colorated in photoshop, anyway... (if i write a bad "english" word... i don't care!!!... i love spanish... "FUCKING GLOBAL SHIT" jajajajajjaa... EASY BRO' EASY.... DAMN!)

P.S. I LOVE HER LAUGH and... yes, i love her tooooo much!

TE AMO BEBIS.... hahahahah "Bebis"... suena bien?, o no?... jajajaj VOTEN VOTEN...jajjaaj nadie visita esto... demonios! ¬¬


Elisa said...

jajaja bien que te gusta mi ventana


eres adicto a ella

bebis no me gusta, y como soy la unica q firma mi voto es en contra

por cierto me gusta el q está antes del tío que se parece al de estopa ¬_¬



p.d. estás bien rico

Elisa said...